Artist Residencies Application Form
During 2018 The Unconformity will support dedicated artist residencies in Queenstown, a small mining town in western Tasmania.

Completed applications are due by midnight, Friday 23 February 2018.
If you require assistance completing this form please contact us by emailing
Residency ethos and info

The Unconformity Artist Residencies have been designed to support the development needs of artists, allowing time to research, develop relationships and focus on their work in the provocative Queenstown environment.

Artists will be afforded the opportunity to focus upon development of their practice or project with flexibility around delivering a resolved outcome.

The residencies are open to local, Tasmanian, Australian and International artists from all artforms and stages of professional practice. Artists will be supported with an artist fee, in-kind accommodation, per diems and a small materials budget. Residencies will take place for a negotiated period during the 2018 calendar year.

For more information please refer to:
We respect your information and your ideas

Personal information submitted through this form will solely be used to assess your suitability for The Unconformity Artist Residency and enable us to contact you if required. All information will be treated as confidential.

We respect the authoring of creative ideas and the ownership of intellectual property. Creative proposals are the intellectual property of the artist and will only be developed in the context of The Unconformity through consultation with the artist.
What we're interested in

Our primary interests are the quality of an artist's work, commitment to their practice, ability to interact positively with the community, and understanding how the residency in western Tasmania will be of benefit to the artist.

A creative proposal is not required however space has been provided for artists who wish to submit a creative idea. The required information includes:

       1.  Applicant info
       2.  A short bio (max 250 words)
       3.  An artist statement (max 500 words)
       4.  Your motivation for undertaking the residency (max 250 words)
       5.  A current CV
       6.  Artistic support material.

As this online form cannot be saved, to enable preparation a Microsoft Word version of this form can be downloaded from
Residency supporters

The Unconformity Artist Residencies are dedicated to the memory of independent Queenstown Artist Pat Hull (1921-2011), whose residence is provided in-kind for artists.
The residencies are assisted through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.
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Please explain if you seek development time for your practice or project, or if you seek development with delivery of an outcome in western Tasmania.
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Further info (optional)

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Queenstown is located 257km from Hobart and 251km from Launceston.
We need to understand your capacity to get to and from western Tasmania.
Please attach a current CV.

Don't stress about beautiful formatting— we're just keen to know what you've been up to.

Please attach up to 5 images of artistic support material
or 3 samples of your published work.

We require a single PDF. Try if you need any help.

If you have video support material, please provide a link below.

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If you have video support material, please provide a link below.

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We appreciate the time it took to send this information to us. Your application will now be independently assessed and we aim to notify all applicants of the outcome in March 2018.

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